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    Posted by Brian Jones

    20 May 2004 – I left Pakistan at the beginning of the month to come to Afghanistan where I've been looking at a series of Cash for Work programs in the central Highlands region called Hazarajat. The area is extraordinary by any standards with monstrous mountains that tower above narrow valleys and tiny villages that eke a living from a mixture of rainfed/irrigated agriculture and livestock...............oh and of course poppy.

    It took 12 hours to drive here from Kabul and a typical day involves a journey of 5-6 hours in a car to a point where we can walk to a village far up a distant side valley. The villages are bleak but beautiful and somehow familiar. The people I've encountered have been fantastic, full of warmth and welcome and I look back with considerable pleasure at the encounteres I've had.

    I will try to post some photographs of the area in the next days.....................

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