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  • Back online again

    Posted by Brian Jones, Tuesday, November 19, 2002

    Well, I've been offline for a bit and apologise for the delay in posting things but will try to keep things updated from here.

    Since I last posted I have:-
    1) finished the job with the Refugee Nutrition Information System
    2) Begun a new job with Oxfam Great Britain as one of their Humanitarian Support Personnel (HSP)
    3) Had a two month deployment in the South Philippines where Oxfam is implementing a program for people who have been affected by the ongoing conflict there.
    4) I am now, as of 12/11/02 in Khartoum, Sudan where I have been asked to look at organising a nutritional response to very high rates of acute malnutrition in the Red Sea State in the east of the country.

    I hope to post regurlarly on what is going on.

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